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National Geographic covers ‘Saving Energy’

March 5, 2009

natgeo1National Geographic’s March 2009 issue…

…”SAVING ENERGY, it starts at home“.


and interesting information.


FSU Track out of the blocks and in the LEED

March 5, 2009

trackWCTV reports, “FSU’s Track And Field Facility Exceeds ‘Green’ Standards“. And, “Thanks to its state-of-the-art McIntosh Track and Field Building, The Florida State University can add “silver” and “green” to its garnet and gold. The new facility has earned a LEED Silver Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council, which means it meets or exceeds the high standards of green-building design and performance.”

What exactly did they do?

FSU used local or regional materials to save on transportation and trucking, energy-efficient lighting and mechanical systems. They also used low-flow water fixtures, sorted or recycled construction debris, and low-VOC (volatile organic compound) paints and other eco- and sustainable finishes.” Interesting.

What kind of programs are happening here at University of Miami?

Well, to find out visit University of Miami’s Green U?

Green Eco Sys brings Green Energy home

March 5, 2009

windMiami-based Green Eco Sys issued a press release today introducing it’s products and opening its doors to the American public. They are a leader in innovative green product distribution for the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

Their products include wind energy systems, mobile solar cubes, water treatment systems, potted planting products, and fertilizer alternatives.

The Green Eco Sys website is clean, simple, informative, and has excellent renderings or photos of it’s products.

South Miami ‘Greens’ 1950’s Building

March 5, 2009

An interesting video produced by L.E.E.D. Depot, Inc. featuring the “The Greening of Chamber South”. They retrofit a 1950’s building to make it enironmentally safe and energy efficient.

Take that junk and shread it

March 4, 2009

recycleThe Miami Hearld reports, “South Florida’s post-office box customers should be finding it easier to recycle their mail. Post offices now have 23-gallon recycling bins with a slim opening that are kept locked. Once customers have checked their P.O. Box mail, they can recycle anything they don’t want to take home. Contents of the recycling bins are shredded.”

The Postal Service has a long history of environmental stewardship and they even have a Post Office Green Page now. They are committed to using alternative fuel-capable vehicles. They also support recycling programs and offer eco-friendly products and services.

Florida Hotels go ‘Green Lodging’

March 4, 2009

greenlodgingMarriott issued a press release today stating “Tampa Airport Marriott Becomes First Marriott in Florida to Receive Two Palm Status in Florida DEP’s Green Lodging Program“.

What is the Florida DEP Green Lodging Program?

The State of Florida’s website describes it as “The Florida Green Lodging Program was established in 2004 by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) with the intent of recognizing and rewarding environmentally conscientious lodging facilities in the state.”

Are there really benefits to get the designation?

Yes, there are, and they include:

  • Saving Money and Reducing Utility Costs
  • Conserve and protect Florida’s natural resources
  • Marketing to a New Audience

Are there any hotels in Miami that have the “Two Palm status”?

Yes, and that hotel is the InterContinental Hotel Miami.

CLICK HERE to see other hotels in Miami that are participating.

It’s a Jungle out there! Miami plants trees

March 4, 2009

jungleKnown for its lush, jungley vegetation and tropical, balmy weather, Miami plants and trees are in a year-round growing season! And the Magic City is doing it’s part to add a lot more green to the landscape.

The Miami Herald reports that, “Miami Beach plans to have 5000 new shade tress planted by 2010. So far city workers have planted approximately 2500 including at least 50 varieties of trees, such as mahogany, live oak, wild tamarind, royal poincianas, buttonwood and sea grapes.”

The City of Coral Gables currently has more trees than people at over 50,000 planted and counting! This has helped make it a “Tree City USA” for 14 consecutive years.

When planting around your own home or business, remember to always plant the right tree for the right place and when planting around power lines or potentially buried wires, check with Florida Power & Light (FPL) .